Working towards building the national infrastructure, developing the community and finding sustainable ways of doing business


The foundation of Union Cement Company (UCC) outlined the nation’s ambition to emerge as a diversified, self-reliant and vibrant global economy and since then it has been committed to the development of the nation and its people. A three pronged approach that works towards building the national infrastructure, uplifting the community through our social development projects, and finding sustainable business alternatives by practicing reduce-reuse-recycle. We believe in creating value for all our stakeholders in the process of doing business and our efforts have been consistently recognised.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A socially responsible organisation, we partner in a variety social developments projects that works towards the upliftment of Emiratis as a community
  • Govt. Partnerships: We partner with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to support UAE Vision and Emiratization initiatives such as Wajehni, Open days and Accelerator program to attract UAE Nationals and introduce them to the Industry and Private Sector.
  • Sustainable Learning: We conduct summer programs for school students to memorize the Holy Quran in nearby mosques, in collaboration with the Institution for the Holy Quran and its sciences. We also provide learning opportunities through sponsorships, vocational and summer training.
  • Infrastructure Development: Construction and maintenance work by providing cement bags. Our cement products have been used in several prestigious projects like the Dubai Golf Club, Burj Al Arab, and Abu Dhabi Mall, to name a few.
  • Celebrations: We sponsor the National Day Celebrations in Ras Al Khaimah and other activities such as, the Year of Tolerance, Zayed Humanitarian Day etc.
corporate social responsibility
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Sustainable ways of doing business

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Waste Heat Recovery
Power Generation
Capacity : 26.5 MW
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Transitioning to the
use of Alternate
Fuel Resources
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Pledge to
support social
developments projects
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We are committed to finding sustainable alternatives to minimise consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Clean Energy: We have upgraded our Waste Heat Recovery Plant from 12 MW to 26.5 MW using the latest technology. The waste heat from the Kiln is being utilized to generate power, thereby reducing dust and gas emission to the environment and minimizing depletion of fossil fuels.
  • Sustainable Alternatives: We are working towards achieving hundred per cent alternate fuel resources in the clinker making process. Fuel is a primary cost and one of the most non-sustainable factors in the making of fuel. We have been focusing on identifying different sources for alternative fuels. In addition we are also using Spent Pot Lining, Copper slag, Medical & pharmaceutical wastes etc., materials that would have ended up in land-fills and caused soil and environmental pollution.
  • Water Conservation: Our manufacturing processes follow the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle and we ensure to minimise use of water which is a scarce resource, and we aim at becoming a water positive company.